There’s no doorbell. Probably because it’s a boat!

Watch out for the crocodile

That’s the guy!

We don’t have black coffee

Big fan of Glass Books

Watching #Roadhouse on Prime. Let’s not decline Frankie.

When you complain, people judge you. It doesn't matter what you're complaining about. It doesn't matter what you're protesting or whistle-blowing. It doesn't matter if your life is at stake. It doesn't matter if thousands of lives are at stake. It doesn't matter if the fate of humanity is at stake. Someone's first instinct is to suspect you. It's to accuse you of lying. It's to label you a troublemaker.

They hear negative words coming out of your mouth. They associate those negative things with you, because you're the person saying them. That's how our primate brains operate.

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Just overheard a little boy call rhinos 'warrior unicorns' and my mind is blown

There was something darkly comic about James Small losing his life in a strip joint. Some of us might have lost other things — our virginity, our wallets, our self-respect, we might even have lost our mates or our marriages in strip joints — but Small wasn’t a small gestures kind of guy. He was all in.

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Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.

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