Started planning 2024...

My first resolutions:

  1. Stop wasting your time

  2. Invest it in yourself

  3. Build your life

  4. Work and overcome your shit

  5. Stop being addicted to negative-thoughts

  6. Build and grow yourself

I don’t know man :/ i think I’m just tired of being me

I wasn't made to fit in this world, I was made to create a new one.

Kinder Than Man - Althea Davis

And God,
please let the deer
on the highway
get some kind of heaven.
Something with tall soft grass
and sweet reunion.
Let the moths in porch lights
go some place
with a thousand suns,
that taste like sugar
and get swallowed whole.
May the mice
in oil and glue,
have forever dry, warm fur
and full bellies.

If I am killed
for simply living,
let death be kinder
than man.

You are a little soul carrying around a corpse.

Soulful Summer Sundays

Made with ♥ by a human.