Reviewing job applications can be soul destroying. Obviously this means a lot to every applicant, but unfortunately not everyone has the same skills in selling themselves. 😕

Dinner at Catalano’s tonight. Meh.

Edit: This photo always loads weird. Always Right to left, What????


Bbq night!


Sushi at Sushi Gin


Brisket and mash. Great dinner for only $3


I’ve been very outspoken about not being a fan of Marco Jansen. I still stand by what I’ve said. This ain’t the special olympics: the guy does not have the temperament for international cricket.

God, I love this kid

Medicine is such an inexact science that I feel unsettled when reading patient records or case files. This is one area where I would prefer AI to replace humans ASAP.

She had unexpectedly figured out something about his biological father as well.
“It looks like your parents are related.” Steve didn’t know what to say.
“Do you understand what I mean? He said he thought so. Either your mom’s father or your mom’s brother is your father.”
A sea of emotions rose to a boil inside him: anger, hurt, worthlessness, disgust, shame, and devastation all at once. In his years of wondering about his birth, he had never, ever considered the possibility of incest. Why would he? What were the chances?

Some pages I saw today that i would like to revisit:

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