Fokken wilde honde

Be as interested as you are interesting.

There’s a gangster in charge of the country. Leigh-Anne may look like she’s keeping it together, but really she’s unravelling. A letter has arrived from her ageing dad, asking forgiveness for some unknown sordid deed. What on earth is that about? Then there’s her unhappy marriage and the fact that she can’t stop fantasising about her colleague Omar. One of her kids is wetting the bed while the other one’s turning into a little tyrant. Her batty best friend continues to offload her crises ‒ and her troubled teenage daughter. Meanwhile, Leigh-Anne’s supposed to be organising a play about sexual abuse with grade sevens in Gugulethu. It’s not going very well. How is a woman supposed to cope? With chocolate and wine, of course, and by making plenty of lists ‒ always in threes.


I felt down today, but then read these:

Depression is kicking my ass.

I won't go back on AD'S, they remove my will for everything. Couple that with loneliness and my life feels like I don't want to be in it anymore.

Oh and I turn 55 this month and this isn't how I imagined my existence being when I was younger.


My ex did such a number on me that 8 years later and I still can't sleep without her visiting me in my nightmares. The continuous reminder of the pain and betrayal grinds away at my soul, my confidence, my entire being. And the worst part is it's inescapable...

Candidate for a cracker up his arse: Frans Malherbe. Boom! Rectal Fat Arse Fusion!


Hail the Dino Nuggie!

After watching Chasing the Sun, I absolutely HATE Rassie.

Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception. — Carl Sagan

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