I have to be very delicate about this, but I do not want Marco Jansen in any of my teams. I don't have time to watch special needs cricket. Put on your PJ's boy and go back to you blankie and dummy!

nothing make a girl feels like a woman than a man who sings like a boy

Short Order Freo


Advanced AI Brainstorming techniques to improve your ideas

Within creative problem-solving, brainstorming stands as a fundamental technique. Traditionally, brainstorming involves a group of individuals generating


Spiced lamb & coconut pilaf

Give mince a makeover with this fragrant, low-cost rice dish


Quick Sourdough Bread 

When it comes to baking sourdough bread, I've experimented with countless techniques and timings over the years. However, I recently stumbled upon a method that completely revolutionized my approach: using 50% sourdough starter in the dough. Honestly, I feel like I wasted so much time not trying this sooner. The difference is astounding! No autolyse, and the fermentation process speeds up dramatically, taking just about 3.5 to 4 hours, and the resulting bread is nothing short of delicious. Also all mixing can be done by hand.

If you're looking for a way to streamline your sourdough baking and still achieve incredible flavor and texture, this method is a game-changer.

Continuing on the below - ChatGPT's trained opinion on veganism: Humans evolved as omnivores, equipped with digestive systems that process both plant and animal products efficiently. Human anatomy and physiology, from enzyme production to dental structure, indicate a natural design for an omnivorous diet. Restricting to veganism goes against the human biological heritage.

I tried veganism once. I think it was a Tuesday. And it lasted about two hours.


"Do not try to be the smartest in the room; try to be the kindest."

You’ll rest when you’re dead

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